South Arm Classics Boat Show Application

Boat Applicant

Boat Owner:___________________ Email:_______________________Address:______________City:______________________ State:________ Zip:______________

Make and Model:____________________________________________ Skiff:_____ Runabout:_____ Utility:_____ Canoe:_____ Kayak:_____ Composition: Wood:_____ Fiberglass:_____ Aluminum:_____ Other:____ Year of Manufacture:______ Length:____ HP:_____ Motor/Engine:_____

Name of Boat:________________________________________

Registration Fee $15 / $12 Canoe, Kayak, Rowboat and hand carried Shirt Size _______ 1 Free only additional available for purchase, Registration fee $15

Make Checks Payable to :

East Jordan Lions Club​
Send Payments to: East Jordan Lions Club

PO Box 845East Jordan , MI 49727

The South Arm Classics that I will be entering is promoted by the East Jordan Lions Club and will take place on July 9th 2022. This form indicates that I am the owner of the boat described that is listed above. My signature signifies that I certify that I currently have updated insurance to cover any damage to other participants. I Hold harmless volunteers and officers of the South Arm Classics, the city of East Jordan as well as the sponsors and or advertisers from any actions, claims, assertion of liability that may arise with the South Arm Classics.

Signature:_________________________ Date:___________________